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Nu Fud Friday!!

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In case any of you are stumbling across this community and have no idea what it is... it's "Nu Fud Fridays", the brainchild of a couple of frustrated and bored chicks who have no idea what's going on outside the parameters of their own being... My best friend Andie (sub81) and I (firegeek) came up with the idea and we decided to run with it...

Come alone or bring as many people as you want!
Everyone is welcome to join us!

We will be trying a new restaurant in the greater Portland metro area every Friday... unless we're in another city, then we will have it there!
Locations and times will be posted.

Remember, the whole concept of Nu Fud Fridays is to meet people, to discuss your boring lives, and the boring lives of others... try and get aquainted with people who have similar interests... and maybe learn something.

Oh yeah.. and to try food you've never tried before.

P.S. Anyone who attends is expected to be respectful of others. Intolerance will not be tolerated.